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Federal Skilled Worker Program

The candidates with specific skills and work experience are reserved under this program. Interested candidates can apply for this program.

This program demands some specific skills in candidates that are given below:

Management Job Experience: Management experience in a particular job like hotel manager, restaurant manager, store manager, shore manager

Professional Job Experience: In general, a degree from a recognized university is required for such jobs. A few examples are lawyers, doctors, dentists, architects

Technical Job and Skilled Trades Experience: Under this program, applicants usually need a college diploma or experience of training as an apprentice to do these jobs. Some examples includes chefs, designers, electricians, plumbers, and more

To apply for this Program a Candidate is required to have-

  • Minimum One year of work experience in Full time as well as Part time job. The experience should count at least 1560 paid working hours.
  • A complete knowledge of French or English Language with approved test results to be provided to Visa office.
  • Paid work experience of a candidate must be done in last 10 years. Also unpaid work or volunteer work experience will not count.
  • 67 Points passing marks in 6 selection factors are necessary.

An electronic profile of candidate is generated on the basis of work, experience and qualification that are to be submitted to CIC. Our team will help you in making an effective profile submission for you that will increase your points.

CIC after receiving your profile, will rate it among other profile applications on the basis of 6 selection factors. Higher the marks your profile will get higher are the chances of getting your Personal Residency. Here are 6 important selection factors-

  1. Education - Maximum 12 marks are assigned for candidates on the basis of their academic qualification. So a candidate’s education plays an important role in his/her selection.
  2. Language - There are two official languages in Canada that are English and French. Maximum of 28 points will be given to candidates on the basis of their knowledge of languages. 24 marks are assigned for English and 4 points are assigns for French. It is not mandatory to have knowledge of both the languages.
  3. Age - Maximum 12 points are assigned for Age of a candidate and the points start decreasing after the candidate’s age goes over 36 years.
  4. Work Experience - Work experience is the key to get 15 marks directly if you have work experience of more than 6 years in the last 10 years. Maximum 15 marks are assigned for this section.
  5. Arranged Employment - A candidate will get maximum 10 points under this section. The applicant will have a skilled full time Job offer from a Canadian employer are eligible for these marks. A positive labor market impact assessment is required to be applied by legal Canadian employer before getting marks.
  6. Adaptability - The points under this factor are given on the basis of your background, study and work experience that will give a look of your adaptability in Canadian society. Relatives living in Canada will also help you in getting some points and if you are married then your spouse’s education as well as knowledge of Canada’s official languages will help you in increasing your points.

Our team will help you in making your Profile, so give a chance to us for assisting you.

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