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Parents and Grandparents

Canada values importance of family and gives the chance to its migrants to live with their family. You can move your parents and grandparents with you in Canada as Permanent Residents. For this, you have to sponsor them but don’t forget that quota is limited and small that it is filled so quickly that many applicants have to wait for next year.

If you don’t want to delay then you have to apply your application as soon as possible so you must not waste your time.

You should have required income for sponsoring your parents or grandparents to get permanent residency in Canada. You have to show the proof of your last 3 years income to the Immigration officials to let them know if your income is sufficient or not. The required income depends on the number of family members moving in Canada as well as family members already living with the applicant.

Canada Express Visa will help you in migration of your parents and Grandparents with the complete details and procedure followed for sponsorship in Canada.

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