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Spouse/ Common/ Law/ Conjugal Partner

People often consider sponsoring their spouse or partner easy as they think they have to put their signature on some of the papers and wait for their approval. But this is not that much easy as Government will check your relationship to find if the application and relation is legal or not. also Government will assess your Spouse/Partner’s education qualification and language. If both of you passes the test and are found to be real then you can sponsor your partner.

Moreover Immigration officials ask so many question regarding your relation so as to snatch all of the information they can get from you to check the genuineness of your relationship. There are indicators called red flags in your application that can doubt the officials that your relation is not real.

You have to deal with situation and should know the points that can be consider red flags. The best way of dealing is that you have to convince the CIC with your application that your Relation is genuine.

If you and your spouse belong to less socioeconomic developing country then surely extra examination at critical level will be demanded by Immigration officials.

Dependent or adopted children can be included in the application but you have to show documented proof to the Immigration officials.

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