The Quebec Skilled Worker Program

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The Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled worker program is specially meant to select eligible workers with specific skills who can work and live in Quebec. This program follows FCFS (First Come First Serve) rule that means no ranking and no survey of your application as it is done in Federal Express Entry Program. Your application should be effective and should be submitted as early as possible. The chances of approval of your application are high if you submit your application speedy than other applications.

OSWP is a point based system and you have to score minimum points before applying under this program. Points are given on the basis of special skills and this criteria change with time. Currently candidates with Bachelor’s degrees in computer science and computer engineers are high in demand. The highest points are given to candidates fulfilling requirement of demanding jobs in Quebec and the points starts going down on the basis of qualification in application.

We will give you a way to complete your dream of making Quebec your home. Contact us as early you can, we can give you solutions for approval of your application.


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