Post Graduation Work Permit

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Post Graduation Work Permit

Most of the foreign students want to settle down in Canada after completion of their studies. These students mainly include the Post graduation students.

If you are one of those students who have completed their Post Graduation studies from any of the recognized institution or university then you are eligible to get Post Graduation work permit that allows you to work in Canada without any objection.

Foreign Graduates have given the rights to get Open work permit to work under Post graduation work permit that allows them to get job in any Canadian company under any Canadian employer. It is not necessary for the candidates to have a job offer while applying for the permit.

Requirements for Post Graduation work permit are:

Candidate must have studied full time for at least 8 months before applying for Permit and should be graduated from the following institutes:

  1. A public Post secondary education institute
  2. A private post secondary institution with same rules of Public Institutions and also obtains 50% of its investment in operations from government grants.
  3. A territorial or provincial authorized Canadian private educational institute.
    • International student must have valid study permit before applying for Work Permit.
    • Passing and completing the study program is necessary and should have written notification that he/she is eligible to get degree or certificate.
    • After receiving the confirmation from academic institution that the candidatehas met requirements for the program, applicant should apply within 90 days after receving the notification.
  4. A candidate can obtain three year work permit after going through at least 2 year program of study. But if the candidate has completed the study of more than 8 months but less than 2 years then he/ she is also eligible to get work permit. Also if international student has got complete one year degree or diploma from authorized institution within 2 years then he/ she is eligible to get 3 year Post graduation work permit.