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Study To immigrate Program

Study and learn from great education system in Canada by obtaining Permanent Residence

How it works:

    Study to Immigrate program is very simple as compared to other programs.
    You have to select any study program you want to choose. We will find a suitable school so that you can get enrolled.
    After completion of graduation with some work experience we will directly send your application for Permanent resident to Immigration department.

Advantages of studying in Canada

Work along with study

    An International student is eligible for off campus work permit.
    Candidate with off campus work permit has right to work for 20 hours/ week. Also he/she can work full time on School holidays or breaks

You are eligible to bring family along with you.

Being a foreign student in Canada you have the right to bring your family members along with you. Married candidate can bring his/her spouse in Canada and Spouse will have the right to work at any position in Canada.

Your dependent kids can attend the school.

No need to worry about your dependent kid’s education as Canada provides the facility for your dependent kids to attend the school without any study Visa.

Benefits of choosing Canada

    Canadian institutes provide education of Job and career skills needed by a student
    You can successfully integrated into Canadian labor market.
    Your spouse and you both can work in Canada while you are studying.
    Your dependent children can get education without any Study visa.
    Permanent Immigration of you and your Family is possible in Canada.
    Canada Express Visa will help you out in getting Study Visa and PR in Canada.