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Working Holiday Visa

Who can benefit from this program?

A candidate that has an intention of participating in International Experience Canadian Program will get a lot of benefit from this program.

What is International Canadian Experience Program?

IT is an activity under Canadian Government specially meant for simplification of process of travel or work for

  1. Citizen of Canada who wish to travel to another country
  2. Foreign candidates who wish to travel to Canada

The age limit for the citizens and remote youth is 18-35 years.

If your Country holds Adolescent Portability Assertion with Canada then IEC is applicable in your country. Only recognized organizations can access IEC and also you have to select any of the three classes depending on your citizenship.

Three classes of IEC are as follows:

  • Work Holiday
  • Global Cooperation internship
  • Youth Professional

The criteria of each class are different and should be fulfilled by the eligibility of candidate.

When would it be suitable for me to apply to partake in IEC and get a conditional acceptance letter (cal)?

When the share of your nation will open, you should apply as soon as possible with your Kompass account as the spots are less and gets filled quickly.

Can I hire a third Party to Request IEC on my Behalf?

If you weren’t any guidance and assistance then you can hire third party agents as they help applicants for some fees. IEC members have an advantage to hire paid or unpaid third party member to help them through their application process. Some of the people that can be your third party agents are;

Attorneys and Paralegals : Person associated with Law of Canada

Public accountants : person in association with chamber des notaries du Quebec

Public accountants : association with Immigration consultants of Canada